Wednesday, December 2, 2009

These is my Words by Nancy Turner

These is my Words
by Nancy Turner

10 out of 10
I didn't think I would be rating a book so highly, but this book beat all of my expectations. I read it, loved it, and then proceeded to read it aloud to anyone I could get to listen. My husband was a captive audience on the car trip home from Arizona.

There were surprising gems of wisdom scattered throughout the book, and I find myself referencing them rather frequently. I also have spent some time debating whether I am more like Sarah or Savannah, if I come off like Edward's wife, and whether I could shoot someone square in the eyes. Is my relationship like Sarah and Jimmy's, or Sarah and Jack's? I think I've decided it's most like Savannah and Alfred's.

It's not really about any one thing, and I thought that perhaps it being written in diary format would be off-putting, but it really is not. I loved it so much I'm buying it. Or rather, I'm asking for it for Christmas, and if the hubby doesn't get the hint, I'm buying it myself in January.

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